Cold Storage Service Toronto – Welcome to Vice N Berg Cold Storage. We are a certified industry leader in the cold storage sector offering a great alternative to the traditional cold storage options currently available in the market. Our state-of-the-art facility offers small to mid-size food producers, manufacturers, distributers, importers, exporters, and retailers tailored, flexible solutions and quick storage turnaround to meet any requirements. Our clients rely on us for hassle-free exceptional services with top-notch inventory management practices and procedures, storage and handling practices, fast truck turnaround times and great customer service.

Whatever your cold storage needs are, we work with you to help you achieve your goals. Vice N Berg Cold Storage service anywhere in the GTA and Ontario.

Cold Storage Warehouse in Toronto

At Vice N Berg Cold Storage, we can guarantee that our cold storage options are all easy to assemble, light weight and efficient. We provide large, easy access doors that are suitable for personnel and equipment. We also use the best steel supports to ensure the safety, stability and efficiency of your cold storage unit. We have been partnering with industry leaders in the grocery industries, manufacturing facilities and breweries all throughout the city with proven success in the highest regard.

Cold Storage – Who Needs Temperature Controlled Warehousing?

If you are a business who manufactures anything from dairy, beverages, produce, meat, pharmaceuticals, or any type of perishable item, then temperature-controlled warehousing is for you, and should be something you may need to consider. At Vice N Berg Cold Storage, we are able to handle all of your cold storage needs; whether that be refrigeration units, freezer units, cold rooms or even dry storage. We have the capacity to work with you and customize to your industry needs. Temperature controlled warehousing gives you the freedom to understand your inventory levels, without having to jam-pack your store level fridges or freezers!

Customized Storage Solutions

We offer bulk ingredient and finished goods storage and handling; including totes, drums, cases, pails and “eaches”. Everything is handled with the utmost care as we treat it like we own it. Our strict storage and handling controls also allow us to be Allergen, Halal, Organic and Kosher capable. Confederation Freezers is also qualified to accept various sized loads ranging from full truck loads, single pallets to case quantities.

Our Services Are

Refrigerated Trucks Toronto

Frozen Food Warehouse Storage

Cross Docking Warehouse

Dsd Distribution

Cold Storage Service – How we work?

We are organized

Organisation starts from the right person at right place with right tools. We laid all our resources in smooth lineup to execute your orders flawlessly.

Extra care

Care is not just a 4-letter word for us but is embeded in our motto. “Caring for customers business is caring for yours”.

We work internationally

Currently we have arrangements to execute your orders from most of North America. Your product will be picked up from USA and Canada, stored in our ware house and will be distributed as per your needs. .

Pace and efficiency

Pace and efficiency has been learned from our years of experience. Because for us, anything performed late or inefficiently adds cost not value.

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