What is Direct Store Delivery (DSD)?

Direct Store Delivery (DSD Distribution) allows manufacturers to bypass retail distribution centers and bring their products straight to the point of sale in store. Most commonly found in the Consumer Goods (CG) industry, many manufacturers find that the speed and availability gains outweigh the investment required to make it happen.

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Advantage of DSD Distribution

Direct Store Delivery (DSD) is the preferred method of distribution for manufacturers who wish to get their products themselves to retail stores – or points of consumption. A first advantage of this choice is that they avoid the need for third-party logistics companies.

By similarly bypassing the distribution centers of affiliated retailers, manufacturers retain privileged point-of-sale access, which preserves their ability to act and control important factors beyond the distribution of their merchandise. This includes promotional support products, and market-related services, such as merchandizing, information gathering or equipment service.

On a larger scale, manufacturers frequently benefit from having their own network of regional distribution centers. Depending on the case, these centers can provide value-added services, such as the packaging of products for specific point-of-sale promotions.

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