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Cross Docking Warehouse Toronto

Vice N Berg Cold Storage  takes ‘a fresh approach’ to cross docking ; providing a highly organized, efficient and cost-effective process to quickly unload incoming deliveries and reload onto outbound distribution vehicles on the same day.

We understand that distribution is often the largest logistical expense in your supply chain and with today’s ‘just in time’ approach to fresh foods, we recognize the need to provide our customers with opportunities to reduce this cost.

Our refrigerated cross-dock area, accompanied with an outbound consolidation process, allows us to match compatible product and destination requirements to form consolidated truckloads at a significant saving to our customers. We have adapted this fresh approach with both carton and pallet consolidation, offering a same-day delivery service anywhere in the GTA, Ontario, including all supermarkets and major distribution centers.

Cross Docking

Cross Docking & Ltl Freight Shipping Service

We offer comprehensive transloading and storage services in Toronto. We’ll help you move your inventory to its final destination quickly, thus increasing your supply chain efficiency. If you are looking to reduce labor and transportation costs, Vice N Berg has the solution for you. You can count on our cross-dock services for all your freight transfer needs, including loading and unloading inventory by the container or truckload and drayage services. Don’t have an entire truckload to transport? No worries. Our LTL shipping services can accommodate any size shipment for a quick, cost-efficient transportation solution.

What is Cross Docking Service ?

Cross-docking is a logistic service that takes place in the distribution docking terminal. In this procedure products are unloaded from an inbound dock then transferred to an outbound transportation dock. Demystifying cross-docking requires a clear understanding of where and how it happens. One unique feature of cross-docking is that products are supplied to consumers or retail chains directly from manufacturers. Here the goods are not subject to handling time; hence are labelled appropriately. It comes in handy for consumers that can’t access the manufacturers directly.

Benefits of Cross Dock Shipping

Reduction of Costs :– Cross-docking allows for immediate shipping and arrival to the destination; hence the cost of storing inventory for an extended period is reduced remarkably.

No Risk of Damaging The Product : As it is, how a product is handled dictates its lifespan. With cross-docking, the level at which people come into contact with the products is minimal, reducing the chances of risk to the products.

Shortens Shipping Time : We bet you already have a clue of the time-saving attribute of cross-docking. Emphasizing the same, it is vital to note that shipping occurs as soon as an order is made.

One Business Relationship : Having multiple business relationships might stir confusion. With cross-docking, you can keep one business relationship that comes in handy for you in many ways. Instead of having different shipping relationships for other shipping services, you can opt for one that caters to everything, thanks to cross-docking.

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Amazing service from start to finish! A pleasure to deal with as well. We're glad we used them and will continue to do so. I highly reccomend them for any cold storage and transfers in Canada.

Jason C.

Good experience, fast service.

Harjeet T.

Ron & the entire team at Vice N Berg Cold Storage are very professional and always put customer service and customer experience first. I would highly recommend them to anyone looking for a solid delivery & service partner.

Catarina B.

I've had the pleasure of working with the Vice N Berg team for quite a while now. And it is always a pleasure. They are always happy to answer my questions and provide me with updates. Reliability is incredibly important to the business and I can always depend on them!

Chelsea S.