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Frozen Food Warehouse Storage Toronto

We offer comprehensive storage facilities with frozen and chilled warehousing. Our multi temperature capabilities meet the most stringent requirements for temperature controlled products.

Our state-of-the-art, Quarantine Approved cold storage facilities offer:

  • Freezer storage
  • Chilled storage
  • Chilled cross dock area
  • Short and long term storage solutions
  • Loading/unloading 20’ and 40’ containers
  • Scheduled stock rotation
  • Scheduled stock takes
  • Palletisation and shrink-wrapping
  • Pick and Pack(pallets and cartons)
  • Dedicated customer service representative
  • Labelling/Stickering
  • 24 hour surveillance monitoring with CCTV.

Frozen food warehouse storage

Cold Storage Warehouse Toronto – Delivering Service You Demand

Vice N Berg Cold Storage has been serving commercial clients across the GTA region. Whether you need cold storage to store fruit or vegetables, meat or seafood, or just about anything else that makes its way to the tables around the world, we’ve got the facilities to do this affordably and effectively for you. Vice N Berg Cold Storage prides itself on superior service, safe handling practices, and a knowledgeable staff that understands the needs of the customer in a quality driven industry. The superior performance and unmatched reliability of Vice N Berg trucks in freezer environments helps keep them operating at peak efficiency.

Frozen food truck companies Toronto

Frozen Distribution

Chilled and Frozen distribution is the core of our business. We deliver thousands of chilled or frozen products on contract and orders for an emergency courier all over the GTA in our fully tracked, temperature-controlled refrigerated trucks. We provide refrigerated food courier services for a diverse range of companies. We build our business around your needs by offering a flexible service and working around your business needs. We are a 24-hour operation, so we can pick up and drop off your products for chilled distribution at any time, and our regular routes mean we can offer a highly competitive price for any from a small parcel to a full pallet.

We operate a streamlined supply chain by cross-docking, which reduces the need for storage as our network allows for speedy transfer of chilled and frozen stock onto our trucks to be distributed all over the Ontario. Our vehicles are fitted with GPS tracking systems that enable us to give you accurate delivery updates to ensure that our refrigerated delivery service produces your items on time. With three depots complete with multi-temperature storage and warehousing, strategically placed around the Toronto, we are never far away.

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Amazing service from start to finish! A pleasure to deal with as well. We're glad we used them and will continue to do so. I highly reccomend them for any cold storage and transfers in Canada.

Jason C.

Good experience, fast service.

Harjeet T.

Ron & the entire team at Vice N Berg Cold Storage are very professional and always put customer service and customer experience first. I would highly recommend them to anyone looking for a solid delivery & service partner.

Catarina B.

I've had the pleasure of working with the Vice N Berg team for quite a while now. And it is always a pleasure. They are always happy to answer my questions and provide me with updates. Reliability is incredibly important to the business and I can always depend on them!

Chelsea S.